A Guide to LED Light Bars

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A Guide to LED Light Bars

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The regular factory-made lights are not capable enough to light up your way. You need something extra, something special which can help you ride even the toughest terrains at ease.

When you find your ordinary LED insufficient and inadequate, a light bar is the only solution to overcome the current issues with your  lighting setup.




So, are you looking for led light bars? But don’t know where to start from? Well, you are on the right platform! Here is a detailed guide to led light bars for beginners.

What to look for?

There are a lot of things buyers need to consider before buying add-ons, especially lights. They are as follows:

·         Purpose

The light you are about to purchase for your cars should depend upon the reason why you are buying them. For instance, if you perform off-roading, then you might need led light with higher wattage and lumen.There are numerous kinds of light bars for different purposes and different driving conditions. It’s better to prefer only those which can satisfy your needs and requirements.    

·         Wattage

Every light bar comes with a specific wattage. In case you do not know, the wattage tells you how much power each unit is going to consume from the power source (battery). The higher the wattage higher will be the power consumption.

We recommend our customers to look for lights with a range of 120 watts to 240 watts. Higher watts will drain your vehicle’s battery faster. So, you need to stick to the range of not more than 240 watts.

·         Price

Just like any other truck accessories and add-ons, lightbars are available at a varying price range. Buyers who don’t care about the price tag can look for better quality light bars at a slightly higher price. But if you have a budget constraint, we recommend buying lights that work for your budget.


·         Size

LED lighting comes in different sizes and shapes with different features. They are available in sizes as small as 6 inches to 52 inches. And each of them has a unique purpose. For example, small-sized lights can be used on the rear side of the license plate. In comparison, the large ones are used on the front side and the roof-top for off-road drives.

Types of Lightbars


Curved shape LED bars to throw much stronger high-beam light in a small area and offers a better angle of illumination. Consider buying them if you are a countryside driver or an off-roader, as they are good for expansive light coverage.


As the name suggests, straight light bars have LED pointing straight with a flat and linear design. This type of light bar can illuminate far away distances and terrains. Although, they consume more power when used at full capacity mode.


Spotlight is a perfect solution to overcome visibility problems in bad weather conditions like fog or rain. They provide a strong area of visibility by focusing on just one single direction. If you are looking for light bars with a long range of illumination, a spotlight is what you need!






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