Which vehicles are used in emergency

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Which vehicles are used in emergency

Which vehicles are used in emergency

When it comes to emergencies, there are many vehicles that are used for different purposes. Here, you should know that there are many types of vehicles which are used for different purposes and there are special types of vehicles too. There are no special vehicles that are used for every type of emergency as the requirements of a vehicle, and its features are different. You will not use a small van used as a fire brigade as it does not fit well with the requirements.

Well, you should know about these vehicles which are used in emergencies. The reason for it is that you can give a pass to these vehicles if you are driving on the road and you see red, blue or white lights. These vehicles are mostly used due to any emergency, which also includes an emergency to save someone's life. You should be able to identify the vehicle which is used for different emergencies. Here, this article will help you to learn about some of the common vehicles which are used as emergency vehicles.

Therefore, in this article, we will take a look at which vehicles are used in an emergency.

  • Fire      brigade vehicle

This is one of the most common emergency vehicles you will see while driving. This vehicle is used in case of a fire accident emergency. The purpose of this vehicle is to reach the point of accident and control the spread of fire and contain it till the matter is out of danger. You will notice red lights on the top of a fire brigade vehicle and a siren which is an indication. You should know that this indication is for vehicles driving on the same road as this vehicle. People driving should keep their vehicles to a side which will provide the fire brigade with a clear way to reach the destination.

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  • Ambulance

You would have noticed white vans or sometimes a semi-truck being driven at the fastest speed. Well, this is nothing but an ambulance and by far the most important emergency vehicle. The purpose of this vehicle is to reach the point of destination where someone needs medical assistance but cannot reach the destination. Here, you should know that blue and white lights are mostly used by the ambulance vehicle with a siren on top.


  • Police      cruiser

You would have seen police vans around the blocks patrolling during the night. Here, these vehicles are used to patrol during the nighttime and sometimes are used for chasing in emergency cases. These vans are used to reach the point of accident or incident where police assistance is needed. These police cruisers are mainly white and blue or black and blue with white and red lights with blue on top plus a siren. These police cruisers are used as an emergency vehicles where roads should be cleared out.

There are many other vehicles like riot vans, EMTs, cop cars, water ambulances etc. We hope that this article will provide you with the necessary information.





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